High Performance Chef – Episode 7: Elena Arzak

A pearl of culinary art in San Sebastián

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Elena Arzak
Elena Arzak

In the seventh episode of our "High Performance Chef" video series in cooperation with MICHELIN Guide, we visit San Sebastián on the Basque coast to meet 3-starred chef Elena Arzak. Her restaurant, Arzak, has been a staple in the MICHELIN Guide for almost 50 years.

High Performance Chef 7

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The world of Mercedes-AMG offers an experience for all senses! This is where passion for pleasure, design and performance come together. Meet a master chef who breathes new life into the traditional ingredients of her Basque hometown and get exclusive access to one of her most popular recipes! Register now for the AMG Private Lounge to discover many more exciting stories from the world of Mercedes-AMG.
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Elena Arzak with the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

"Innovation allows you to get new, sometimes unexpected results. In this, I discover many parallels between AMG and my way of cooking. AMG strives for excellence. So when we, as a 3 star MICHELIN restaurant, cook, we need to guarantee that perfection can be repeated. A dish needs to be perfect again and again and again." Check out the performance of our Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster now!

The Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster
The Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

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