Feel Electric - Episode 3: Fragrance

The invisible Dealmaker

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 Fragrance expert Sabine Engelhardt with the AMG Fragrance
 Fragrance expert Sabine Engelhardt with the AMG Fragrance

In the third installment of our "Feel Electric" series, we venture into the realm of olfaction. We meet one of the world's leading automotive scent experts. She explains to us which elements are hidden in the scent of Mercedes AMG's DNA and how the Future of Driving Performance is made perceptible.

Our "Feel Electric" series is entering its next round. Join us on a journey through the sensory world of Mercedes-AMG to a sense that acts on our subconscious like no other. And although it usually operates below our threshold of perception, our sense of smell is nevertheless just as powerful as any of its complementary senses. Scents can guide us, shape us, attract us, or even scare us off, often without us even noticing.

Mercedes Benz car fragrance
Mercedes Benz car fragrance

AMG and Mercedes-Benz are also aware of the enormous importance of this mysterious sensory perception. It is precisely for this reason that a unique system for scenting the vehicle was specially developed, underlining the Mercedes-AMG standard for outstanding luxury and unique performance. But what exactly does the AMG brand smell like? How does the work of a fragrance designer change when a vehicle is now charged rather than refueled? And what novel elements distinguish a fragrance for electromobility?  

To get to the bottom of all these questions, we met with Sabine Engelhardt, one of the most renowned fragrance designers in the automotive sector. The result is an insight into a unique working world at the limits of our perception threshold.

Fragrance expert Sabine Engelhardt testing fragrances
Fragrance expert Sabine Engelhardt testing fragrances

Good scent electrifies you?

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In our "Feel Electric" series, we take you behind the scenes and give you a taste of the exciting future of Mercedes-AMG - which you can experience with all your senses. In the third episode, we pause to take a deep breath through our noses and experience mesmerizing scents.
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