The Mercedes-AMG GT3

Perfection improved

Side view of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Challenging yourself means being able to reach everything, but never the zenith. The 2015 introduced Mercedes-AMG GT3 immediately set new benchmarks. Its successor, unveiled in 2019, defines a new level of user-friendliness and economic efficiency.

650 Nm
3,0 s

0-100 km/h

404 kW
AMG 6.3-litre V8
naturally aspirated engine (6.208 cm³)
AMG 6-gear race car transmission
Mercedes-AMG GT3 in an old factory building
Mercedes-AMG GT3 in an old factory building

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is synonymous for competitiveness. Week after week, it is proving its qualities in the world’s hardest-fought customer sports series. Utmost reliability, impressive performance, excellent driveability and benchmark-setting safety have been among its characteristics ever since.

Introducing the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Power meets precision


With its innovative motorsport technologies, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is combining performance and reliability at a high level. The intuitive and effective race-track set-up unleashes considerable performance reserves, guaranteeing an amazing competitiveness from the very first lap onwards. At the same time, the everyday working conditions for drivers, mechanics and engineers are made easier as a result.

Engine and electronics.

The GT3’s AMG 6.3 litre V8 engine convinces with performance and reliability. Thanks to its dry-sump lubrication, it has been placed particularly low, contributing to a precise handling. The electronic driving dynamics control systems, from traction control to ABS, have been specifically developed for racing purposes. A drop-start function that automatically starts the engine once the car is being lowered from its air jacks is available as an option.

Motor of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

AMG 6-speed racing gearbox.

For extremely quick gearshift, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 comes with a sequential six-speed racing gearbox. Its differential is adjustable from the outside and it has been mounted on the rear axle in transaxle configuration. A carbon torque tube is the connection to the engine, torsion and torque rigid.

Gearbox of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Gearbox of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Racing suspension.

Precise handling, exact feedback, perfect deceleration: all these qualities enable drivers to quickly build confidence in the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Chassis and braking system provide top-notch racing technology, from the adjustable anti-roll bars and dampers to the ABS, adjustable by the driver in the cockpit in multiple ways.

Chassis of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Chassis of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Shaped for the race track


The Mercedes-AMG GT3’s design reflects pure performance potential. The wide body, the large air intakes, the mighty rear wing: every aspect of this performance sports car is impressive. In the process, every detail serves a functional purpose and contributes to the overall performance.

The appearance of a champion.

Next to the Mercedes-AMG GT3’s characteristic grille, the adjustable carbon front splitter immediately catches attention. It enhances the downforce on the front axle, just like the flics mounted on the sides. Air intake openings in the front apron contribute, among others, to an effective cooling of the front braking system.

Grille of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

A dominant wing.

The multi-adjustable rear wing and the striking diffuser ensure maximum downforce on the rear axle and a high aerodynamic performance. Large openings in the Mercedes-AMG GT3’s rear apron lead the hot air away from the rear wheels.

Rear wing of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Rear wing of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

LED light package.

A new, optimised light package adds to the Mercedes-AMG GT3’s characteristic looks. Next to the powerful LED main headlights that ensure a brilliant illumination of the track, high-performance additional lights are optionally available for endurance races.

Front lights of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Front lights of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Operating efficiency


The Mercedes-AMG GT3’s cockpit convinces with perfect ergonomics and a functional race car atmosphere: every detail has been well thought-out and optimised for its purpose, everything is aimed at maximum user-friendliness. The central element in the interior is a carbon safety cell, another benchmark-setting feature in the GT3.

A safe working place.

The carbon seat box is part of the safety concept. It has been bolted to the steel roll cage and the aluminium space frame and, together with the integrated headrest and a six-point safety belt with reinforced connections, it provides protection that has been adapted for the race track.

Carbon seat box of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Ergonomic interior.

In the Mercedes-AMG GT3, all the controls have been arranged intuitively and are within easy reach. Fluorescent signs also ensure good visibility at night. The central console is tilted towards the driver for an easier and quick access to the switches located there.

Controls of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Controls of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Total control.

The racing steering wheel with shift paddles for the gear change allows for perfect car control. With buttons on the steering wheel, the driver can activate additional functions like the pit radio, flasher or the drinking system. Rubberised contact surfaces ensure optimum grip and damping during race use.

Racing steering wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Racing steering wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Adjustable racing pedals.

As a result of the fixed seat, adaptation to drivers of different sizes is exclusively achieved by adjusting the steering wheel and the pedals in the Mercedes-AMG GT3, not by moving the seat. The latter remains in its position, so that the car’s centre of gravity and the weight distribution across the wheels remain unchanged at all times.

Adjustable steering wheel and racing pedal setup of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Adjustable steering wheel and racing pedal setup of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Information centre DDU.

The central display has been positioned exactly within the driver’s field of view. The so-called DDU (Digital Display Unit) shows relevant information like speed, engine speed, working temperatures, lap times, selected gear and upshift advice. The driver can access additional information by means of a switch on the steering wheel.

DDU of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
DDU of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Always keep cool.

During a race, the heat is not just limited to the on-track action, it can get pretty hot in the cockpit, too. Therefore, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 can be fitted with air conditioning and adjustable seat and helmet ventilation if required. Together with the effective interior ventilation, these systems significantly add to relieving the driver.

Cooling of the Mercedes-AMG GT3
Cooling of the Mercedes-AMG GT3


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Florian Möhring

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Grille of the Mercedes-AMG GT3