The new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO


Front view of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

The infinite passion for motorsport and striving for maximum performance have defined AMG’s DNA since 1967. These elements are also the visionary foundation of the new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO – handcrafted in Affalterbach to push the limits of what can be achieved once again.

551 kW *
AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo
with flat crankshaft
AMG 6-speed racing transmission

*) Thanks to Push2Pass function

Front view of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO
Front view of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO is a non-homologated race car developed for track days, which convinces with its innovative design and performance features. It is ideally suited for passionate club sports racers who would like to reach extraordinarily high performance levels on the track. 

Its special characteristics include the exclusively developed Push2Pass function button on the design optimised CUBE CONTROLS steering wheel. Further features are a unique full paint finish, newly designed rear wing end plates as well as 18” AMG light alloy wheels with a two-colour finish. Moreover, buyers can look forward to a comprehensive delivery package plus prioritised participation in the AMG Racing Series.


Push2Pass to ignite the thrill


Steering wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

Our Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO takes every track day use to a new level: the mighty AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine has a maximum power output of up to 750 hp (551 kW)*. This overwhelming performance is achieved by activating the new Push2Pass steering wheel button. This function was exclusively developed for the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO. Maximum performance by just pushing the button: an ideal feature for the optimum race track experience. 

*Base power: 707 hp (520 kW)

Exclusive design elements allow the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO to shine with its value. The factory delivery will be in a unique full paint finish: the matte grey colour perfectly matches the bright finish of the carbon elements, specific for the GT2 PRO. Corresponding 18-inch AMG light alloy wheels painted in two colours complement the characteristic design. Newly designed rear wing endplates round out the harmonious general appearance of the car.

Designed around the driver


Push2Pass function button
Centre console
Exclusive design elements

Push2Pass function button

The exclusively developed steering wheel button temporarily raises the output level to 750 hp (551 kW).

Centre console

High-quality and specifically varnished centre console.

Exclusive design elements

The characteristic Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO logo adorns the driver’s seat and the design-optimised steering wheel.

Sufficient space to expand: the new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO provides plenty of interior room and therefore allows for comprehensive freedom of movement. Moreover, it meets the usual high safety requirements, effortlessly combining them with the user-friendliness that is typical for our race cars and impressive ergonomics in the entire cockpit.

The CUBE CONTROLS steering wheel stands out with excellent handling and intuitive operation. The design of the steering element was optimised and further modified with the new Push2Pass function button. The latest-generation Bosch DDU within the central field of view convinces with its high-definition graphic display and therefore allows for intuitive operation.

Further exclusive interior highlights are the specifically varnished centre console and the stitching of the driver’s seat that is specific to the car. Moreover, the car comes ex-factory with integrated air conditioning, allowing you to keep cool in the cockpit at any time, even in high temperatures.

An exclusive car, exclusive privileges: buyers of the new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO benefit from a comprehensive delivery package that is included in the sales price. In addition to a GT2 PRO specific car cover, there is also a full race apparel kit from our Official Partner PUMA, consisting of an individualised race suit, gloves, competition underwear and shoes as well as a high-quality BELL helmet, finished in a GT2 PRO design.

Moreover, owners of the new Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO receive priority when entering for the “AMG Racing Series”. The AMG Racing Series unites the World`s Fastest Family at Europe’s most beautiful race tracks. Both on and off the track, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, to find out more about your car and to connect with people who share the same passion for motorsport. 

Additional features can be added at a surcharge, like a passenger safety cell, a drinking system, seat and helmet cooling for the driver and an individually assembled spare parts package.

Even though the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO primarily shows its strengths in track day activities, it can be converted to the fully homologated base version at any time. As a result, you can choose whether you want to make full use of the performance potential in tests and track days or to use your car for race competition.

Specs of THE PRO.


GT2 PRO specific colour finish

Bicolour finished 18‘‘ AMG light alloy wheels
GT2 PRO specific rear wing end plates


CUBE CONTROLS steering wheel with Push2Pass function button and GT2 PRO logo

Carbon elements in GT2 PRO specific bright finish
Air conditioning ex-factory
Car-specific stitching on the driver’s seat


GT2 PRO specific car cover
Excusive GT2 PRO race gear package comprising of a customised PUMA race suit, gloves, competition underwear, shoes and a BELL helmet
Prioritised eligibility for participation in the AMG Racing Series
Optional passenger safety cell for an additional charge