Historic photo from the eighties

The other Aufrecht

In the world of high-performance automobiles, the Aufrecht name is widely known. Visitors to the engine manufacturing workshop in Affalterbach find themselves in front of a life-sized photo of "Mr. Aufrecht". This photo in the entrance to the workshop, however, is not of the AMG founder.

Whenever guests visit the engine manufacturing workshop during a factory tour at Affalterbach, the focus is on current engines and "One Man, One Engine". When they enter the building, they delve into history, though. All visitors stop in front of a life-sized photo. It depicts two men building engines. On the right, engine mechanic Daniel Brysch working on a current four cylinder engine, on the left, a historic picture taken in the early eighties. This is of Friedrich Aufrecht, AMG founder Hans Werner Aufrecht's younger brother, working on an M110. This six-cylinder engine was used in many models, ranging from the SL to the E- and S-Class.


From the day AMG was founded to his retirement, Friedrich Aufrecht worked in the company, was head of the engine workshop and during races he was in charge of everything related to engines. "The ideas that Erhard Melcher came up with were put into practice by Friedrich Aufrecht", is how AMG archivist Michael Clauss puts it. When Clauss first joined AMG, he worked for Friedrich Aufrecht. "He was very strict but you learnt a lot from him."

Friedrich Aufrecht would certainly be surprised at seeing his photo taking pride of place. "He never took centre stage like his brother", says Michael Clauss, "he preferred to work in the background." That is something he has in common with the young mechanic in the right-hand half of the photo.

"It is funny to walk into the engine workshop and see myself on the wall", says Daniel Brysch laughing. He doesn't mind his colleagues pulling his leg saying that he is the "showcase mechanic".

The photo was taken during preparations for the grand opening of the new production for four-cylinder engines in 2019. This new manufacturing area combines elements of Industry 4.0 with the handcrafting approach that is typical of AMG. It attracted attention among experts and was given the "Factory of the Year" Award in 2019.

For eight years now, Daniel has been building engines at AMG. He is now a floater, and knows four- and eight-cylinder engines in minute detail. His absolute favourite engine is the M178 of the AMG GT R (fuel consumption combined: 13.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 299 g/km fuel consumption combined | Emissionsangabe [1]).

"It is the top model among our sports cars, except for the Black Series (fuel consumption combined: 12.8 l/100 km | CO2 emissions combined: 292 g/km | Emissionsangabe [1]). Knowing that your name is on it makes you proud." He still enjoys building all the other engines, too, the 33-year-old mechanic says. "It never turns into a routine job. What I particularly like is when after a while you get to a point where you can do even the more complex procedures smoothly and effortlessly."

An AMG greeting by the roadside

Where the eagle devours the snake

Guests from outside Germany who come to Affalterbach to visit the factory immediately see that they are being expected: They are welcomed by their national flags flying on the flagpoles in front of both showroom and CEO building.

Back to the roots.

Ingenious Duo

With entrepreneurial courage and power of innovation, they created a global brand: AMG! An encounter with two legends.