AMG Performance Centers

A First-Class Brand Experience

Mercedes-AMG customers are no ordinary customers. That is why AMG showrooms are no ordinary car dealerships. Specifically geared to our clientele they are a world of performance in which the brand can be experienced with all senses.

The various retail formats of Mercedes-AMG promise a first-class brand experience. This began in 2013 with AMG Performance Centers, when AMG showrooms were integrated into Mercedes-Benz customer centers through a shop-in-shop solution with their own guidelines and design. In 2017, the exclusive stand-alone concepts of the AMG Brand Centers were created, which will be supplemented by another, new format in 2020. All these retail formats promise dynamics, performance and exclusivity when immersing yourself in the exciting world of AMG. We will present all formats in a three-part series and we invite you to come and see for yourself what makes the brand AMG stand out: top quality, tangible motorsport DNA, and pure enthusiasm for performance vehicles.

AMG Performance Centers

The decision to purchase an AMG is based on enthusiasm and passion. This is exactly what the round about 600 AMG Performance Centers worldwide are geared towards. In these centers, the fascination of the brand for motorsports is transferred to each and every visitor. From the powerful sound of the engines over the smell of the leather, to the unmistakable design of our vehicles. It is the aim of every AMG Performance Center to exceed even the highest standards, offering a wide range of exclusive AMG vehicles, as well as bringing the brand's motorsport DNA to life through specific showroom design and specially trained AMG experts on the race track. 

We share an excitement for AMG with our customers, our consultants and interior designers; what brings us together is enthusiasm and passion for the brand and driving performance. To address these needs, this first-class experience at AMG also includes top-notch advice and support, especially when it comes to unusual requests. Our AMG sales and service experts are among the best you will find at Mercedes-Benz: a select group of people with high standards of professional qualification. They are specially trained and instructed -- among others on the race track and at the Mercedes-AMG headquarters in Affalterbach. They know the vehicles down to the last detail and will provide you with sound and competent advice. Above all, they are only satisfied when you are -- to put it short: when all your questions have been answered and all your needs have been fulfilled. Therefore, we aim at meeting all the needs of our customers in order to make you feel that you are part of the AMG family. 

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AMG Performance Center

The goal of AMG is to make your performance dreams a reality. With carefully designed vehicles and emotional experiences, we want to meet or even exceed all of your requirements – in every model, on every trip, at every dealer.

Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 13.5 - 13 l/100 km | CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 308 - 295 g/km | Emissionsangabe [1,2]

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