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Pleasure and performance on the racetrack and country roads

A women jumps into the air in front of a Mercedes-AMG vehicle

Power, performance and bonding experiences – it was all that and more when power women met AMG performance at the at the AMG4Women Special in Boxberg. Stuntwoman Marie Mouroum served as a special source of inspiration.

Driving directly from Zweiflingen to Boxberg takes less than 40 minutes. But on this summer day in late August, no one is interested in the direct route. Whether on or off the racetrack, getting behind the wheel of an AMG is always a matter of seeking beauty and thrills. The nearly dozen power women who've descended upon the picturesque Hohenlohe region agree. They're here for the AMG4Women Special, a spectacular event put on by the AMG Driving Academy.

Anticipation is in the air on the afternoon of the first day as departure from the Wald und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe near Zweiflingen looms. Destination: the Boxberg test center. Lying in wait is a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, eager for the participants to discover and get a taste of the racetrack. A barely tamed race car with road approval – and just one of the many highlights of this exciting event.

Mercedes-AMG ADA Womens Event participants with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series
Mercedes-AMG ADA Womens Event participants with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

Whether off-road in Ibiza, on the snows of the Arctic Circle, or coasting between Champagne and Paris, AMG Experiences always treat participants to performance and driving dynamics at the highest level. But there's also something to be said for taking one's time. And not just on the road, where the most beautiful path between two points is rarely a direct shot. Indeed, space is important. Space for getting to know each other, for conversations, for networking. Only through bonding with others and in sharing common experiences does an event remain memorable for a long time to come.

The AMG4Women Special in Boxberg offered plenty of time for banter between like-minded, car-savvy women. Among them was stuntwoman and actress Marie Mouroum, who has worked on blockbusters like Black Panther, The Hunger Games, Star Wars, and James Bond.

The multiple award-winning 5-star Superior Wald- und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe, sitting pretty on a sprawling landscape perfectly suited for the former hunting lodge, served as the event's home base. Excursions would begin here before taking guests through the scenic Hohenloher Land via a diverse selection of routes chosen specifically for their beauty.

Marie Mouroum in a Mercedes-AMG vehicle
Marie Mouroum in a Mercedes-AMG vehicle

The same standards were applied when it came to selecting vehicles, from the Mercedes-AMG GT R to the C 63 S Cabriolet, to the Mercedes-AMG G 63. Two icons of recent AMG history were also in on the guest list: the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Black Series. It was a small foretaste of the driving dynamics showcase participants would be privy to in the afternoon. "The permanent grin never ends," was how one attendee, probably speaking for everyone, summed up the first part of the experience.

The afternoon's driving dynamics showcase then turned the grins into enthusiastic laughter. On the handling course, drift track, and high-speed oval, the women experienced what they and their cars are capable of under the AMG Driving Academy instructors’ expert guidance. Further encouragement came from the cheers of fellow participants on the sidelines.

Then it was back to the hotel, where Michelin-starred chef Boris Rommel and his team treated the ladies to a multi-course dinner in his award-winning gourmet restaurant, "Le Cerf". The car-loving power women reminisced the day's experiences and were given a glimpse into the work of a stuntwoman by Marie Mouroum. The next morning, Marie led a group workout to demonstrate part of what it takes to stay fit for her roles.

A women in a Mercedes-AMG vehicle
A women in a Mercedes-AMG vehicle

A day and a half of power, performance, enthusiasm and inspiration – such was the AMG4Women Special on this beautiful speck of earth. Following a program packed with intense shared experiences, it's no wonder the participants remain in close contact.

Several Mercedes-AMG vehicles driving on the country road
Several Mercedes-AMG vehicles driving on the country road

Perhaps they will meet again at upcoming AMG4Women events. Further exciting itineraries are planned or already on the calendar, and once again there are plenty of opportunities for networking and inspiration. In November, for example, "AMG4WomenFine Dining" brings together author and star chef Dalad Kambhu, racing driver Susie Wolff, and finance and tech expert Aya Jaff in Berlin. Performance and driving dynamics on the race track will be given even greater focus in 2022. Based on the experience with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in Boxberg, there will be no shortage of enthusiasm.

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Several Mercedes-AMG vehicles driving on the country road

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