No Time for Stereotypes

Model Jessica Hart and Her Passion for AMG

Magazines, flashing lights, fashion shows. Whether it’s Cosmopolitan, Guess or Victoria's Secret – many of the big names can be found in Jessica Hart's modelling resume.

“What did you want to become as a child?“

Jessica Hart gives an interview without responding

At the young age of 15, Jessica Hart was discovered as a model in Australia. Looking back at photos of that time, you still recognize the young woman with the charming tooth gap that she is today. She clearly has a lust for life, which becomes apparent in our latest episode of AMG Uncovered. While in the series she talks about her passion for cars, we also wanted to test her modelling abilities. That’s why we challenged her with an interview in pictures. 

Between Racetracks and Runways

Growing up in Australia, Jessica Hart had posters of cars on her walls instead of teenage heartthrobs. In the new episode of AMG Uncovered, the model explains that even today her heart beats more for what’s under the hood of her Mercedes-AMG G 63 than for catwalk appearances.

Model Jess Hart sitting inside a Mercedes-AMG G 63
Model Jess Hart sitting inside a Mercedes-AMG G 63

Fortunately for us, she now expresses her passion without much concern for stereotypes. In our new episode of AMG Uncovered, Jess explains that her heart beats more for smoking wheels than for the fashion industry’s smoke and mirrors. A liberation, as she says herself. Especially as she shares her love for cars with her fiancé, the racing driver James Kirkham.

So, the fairy-tale inside Jessica Hart's story is not a deception. It is just different from the way it seems at first glance. Instead of fulfilling any cliché, she has opted to take matters into her own hands – and unlock her true self.

Model Jess Hart with husband James Kirkham infront a Mercedes-AMG G 63
Model Jess Hart with husband James Kirkham infront a Mercedes-AMG G 63

AMG Uncovered | Be Yourself feat. Jess Hart

Jess and the G-Rex

Have we piqued your interest? Then learn more about the beast behind the beauty here: the Mercedes-AMG G 63.

Model Jess Hart infront of a Mercedes-AMG G 63

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