A genius beyond the stage

The dreams and passions that drive will.i.am

If you’ve ever wondered what a multitalent really is, look no further: will.i.am is the definition come true. For the first episode of AMG Uncovered, the Grammy Award winner gives us a glimpse into his life and – of course – shows us his passion for driving and innovation.

AMG Uncovered

Driven by Dreams with will.i.am

How did will.i.am become the person he is today?

What are the roots of the pulsing creativity inside will.i.am? The answer is: Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, his former stomping grounds and school. Organized crime has left its mark on the suburb. In addition, Will’s African-American family stood out in a predominantly Hispanic neighbourhood. And even in his school, he was rather the underdog among mainly white people. These days, he runs a college track program for young kids to get them set for the future and give back to his old community. In an exclusive visit with will.i.am, the artist shows us around and shares exciting details with us.

With songs like “Where is the love” and “Meet me halfway”, will.i.am and his band The Black Eyed Peas arose to global success and world fame. Later on, he wrote songs for the likes of Britney Spears and Shakira, and took on the role of juror on “The Voice UK” and “The Voice Australia”. We’ve watched him dabble in acting and we’re familiar with his headphone brand “Beats by will.i.am”. You can definitely say that he’s the definition of a multi-talent. Fueling his work is a mix of creativity, vision and curiosity for technology.


Will.i.am. in mask between two buildings
Will.i.am. in mask between two buildings
Will.i.am next to a Mercedes-AMG.

“Sometimes in life, certain lanes open up and you have to take those opportunities“, is a wisdom Will shares with us on the set of AMG Uncovered. One lane he went down: becoming the protagonist of the first episode of our new series. As he opens his home and studio to us, we learn more about Will’s passion for cars and music.

Born in 1975 in Los Angeles, William James Adams Jr. wasn’t set up for global success. Being among the few African-Americans living in a predominantly Hispanic community going to an all-white school, “those types of obstacles would break a lot of people“, he opens up in the series. However, will.i.am was determined to become a world star: He now is a seven-time Grammy Award winner, an entrepreneur with his venture i.am+, and a popular TV juror.

In this first episode, there’s a short stopover in his old neighbourhood Boyle Heights. This is where it all began, where his curiosity was nurtured, and where his teachers encouraged him to follow his passion. While he looks back at his past with humility, there’s one thing that strikes us about will.i.am: the never-ending drive for going one step further and taking on the next big project.

Linkin Park

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He came, sang and had the unique opportunity to put his hands on an AMG engine! During his concert tour, Mike Shinoda came by in Affalterbach.

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