AMG Performance Centers

If high-end vehicles, unique driving experiences and dynamic design set your pulse racing, a visit to one of the AMG Performance Centers is an absolute must. This is a unique opportunity to see, hear and savor the AMG brand at close quarters – the powerful roar of the engines, the outstanding performance of our vehicles, and the exceptional look-and-feel of our showrooms.

We know you share the passion of AMG. For this reason, AMG has established over 400 AMG Performance Centers across the globe – so that you can discover the superior quality of the AMG brand for yourself. Visitors can expect breathtakingly designed showrooms, professional service from skilled AMG experts, and a host of unforgettable live events.

AMG's discerning customers demand nothing less than excellence – and our AMG Performance Centers are constantly raising the bar. Experience the AMG brand at first hand – and marvel at an unparalleled range of high-performance vehicles, from compact cars and sedans to eyecatching SUVs and sensational sports cars. It is sure to be a worthwhile visit!

The AMG Retail Experience

Discover the AMG brand for yourself

AMG Performance Centers give you the opportunity to see AMG in action. See, hear and feel AMG like never before. AMG Performance Centers with the direct purpose to showcase what makes the AMG brand so special – outstanding quality, luxurious look-and-feel and a passion for jaw-dropping performance. The AMG showrooms are truly one-of-a-kind, boasting outstanding interiors and first-class multimedia presentations creating the perfect environment to present our finest vehicles. Today’s the day you discover your perfect AMG. It could be the start of a relationship that will last a lifetime.

AMG Events

Experience the AMG brand – up close and personal

When you attend AMG events, you may notice your pulse quickening. Your pupils will probably dilate a little – and what’s more, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling. But don’t be alarmed – it’s a perfectly normal reaction. After all, AMG’s Performance Tours, sneak previews, launches and other events never fail to enthrall customers the world over.

For example, the AMG Performance Tour travels the globe, giving you the chance to savor AMG’s qualities in some truly exceptional settings. We showcase our entire range of vehicles at each event – making the Performance Tour a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience AMG up close.

Join the AMG family today. Contact your nearest AMG Performance Center to find out about upcoming events.

AMG Experts

Welcome to a whole new level of customer service

We know our customers are extraordinary – and deserve customer service to match. First-class advice and assistance is integral to the AMG brand experience.

AMG sales and service experts are the crème de la crème at Mercedes. Hand-picked by Mercedes-AMG, they receive extensive training at various locations, including our headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany. They know our vehicles inside and out – so you can be sure of in-depth, up-to-the-minute advice.

AMG’s experts are only satisfied when all of your questions have been answered and your wishes have been fulfilled. The goal: to ensure that every time you interact with the AMG brand, you enjoy a truly unique and personal experience.

Showroom Tokyo

First dedicated AMG showroom in Tokyo

The new location represents the sports car and performance brand for the first time in a discrete architecture, and affords customers an approachable brand experience. The new dedicated store in Tokyo forms the pinnacle of the dealer network and defines the next evolutionary stage of the AMG sales initiative.

Unlike in the past, the location in Tokyo Setagaya is not integrated as a shop-in-shop into a Mercedes-Benz dealership, but is based on the stand-alone concept. Customers can exclusively experience the models and the brand universe of AMG on two storeys with a total area of almost 1000 square metres. Real motorsport situations are staged inside which refer to the roots of the sports car and performance brand.

The store serves as a role model for future stand-alone projects in other major cities, which are already on the drawing board.

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    Mercedes-AMG GT R: Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100 km | CO2 emissions combined: 259 g/km | Emission Statement [1]