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"Sport has the power to change the world". These are the words of Nelson Mandela that have motivated the work of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation for over 20 years. Since that time, we have also been part of this success story and Laureus has been part of Mercedes-AMG!

Since 2017 Mercedes-AMG has donated over half a million Euro to the good cause through its " Passion for Good" initiative. At every race, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Performance Teams not only give their best to be successful in sporting terms, but also raise money for Laureus with every kilometer driven. The initiative shows how important Mercedes-AMG's social commitment to Laureus Sport for Good is. The Mercedes-AMG engagement is additionally supported by the patron of the fundraising campaign, Laureus ambassador and GT3 driver Maro Engel:

“Social commitment is especially important at this time. Mercedes-AMG's Laureus commitment is one that has developed over the years. Since 20 years it has been a living, growing and brand-embedded movement, running under "Passion for Good" since 2017.”

Maro Engel continues: „As a brand ambassador for Mercedes-AMG and Laureus, I am proud to support children and a younger generation, which are coming from a less fortunate background to give them the chance and the tools to a brighter future with Passion for Good!”

„Passion for Good“ combines Mercedes-AMG's greatest passion, motorsport, with a charity movement. In support of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Mercedes-AMG and the entire motorsport family generate donations. As of the 2017 racing season, every race kilometer driven by the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing performance teams in the GT3 racing series is converted into EUR 1 for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. At the end of the season, the entire amount will be donated to the Laureus projects.

There are many foundations worth supporting. Why did we choose the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation? Mercedes-AMG and Laureus are united by a passion for sport and the belief that sport can change and connect the world. A vision that long-time Laureus Ambassador Robert Baker also endorses:

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Being an ambassador for Laureus Sport for Good is something very special for me. Like everyone else in the Laureus network – made up of the world’s greatest athletes – I believe in the vision formulated by Nelson Mandela in 2000: “Sport has the power to change the world.”

“In this context, Laureus teaches children the values of fairness, consideration, togetherness, and responsibility via sport. You can particularly see how well sport works in this regard when you train outside with the children yourself and motivate them through the sports programs. In this way, important information is combined with fun in sport – fun that all ambassadors worldwide share with the children. I am so proud to have been working with Laureus for 20 years, to be part of that family, and to be making the world a little bit better in my role as an ambassador and role model for the kids”, says Baker.

In this way, the words of Nelson Mandela's speech - on the occasion of the Laureus World Sports Awards and the establishment of the foundation in 2000 - have inspired and motivated the work of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation for over 20 years already. Since then, Laureus has been a part of this great success story, since then, Laureus has been a part of Mercedes-AMG! So, let's take a closer look at Laureus, the movement that is supported by more than 240 international ambassadors - active and former professional athletes - around the world, and has become our most important international social commitment over the years.

Established by Daimler and Richemont in 2000, the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation uses the power of sport to connect and motivate people in a unique way. Based on this conviction, Laureus supports sports programs in which disadvantaged children and young people learn to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle, to believe in themselves, to pursue their goals and to take charge of their lives despite all odds. The support programs address the greatest social challenges of young people whose future and environment are at risk.

The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation supports over 200 sports programs worldwide, in more than 40 countries. Through the voluntary commitment of well-known former and active athletes as patrons and ambassadors, the foundation succeeds in sustainably improving the lives of children and young people. This ambassadorial role is filled by Maria Höfl-Riesch, Cafu, Tony Hawk, Alessandro del Piero, Sean Fitzpatrick and David Coulthard, among many others. “Being a Laureus Ambassador is a great responsibility and a great privilege. I have been extremely lucky in my life journey to be able to use sport to achieve many things in my own personal development and I have been very fortunate to be given this opportunity by my background and my family.”

“Many are not so lucky and are born into very difficult situations. But one thing we know for sure is that sport brings people together regardless of their origin, gender and religion. Above all, it's about children developing, growing and gaining self-confidence and life skills. This is some of the great work Laureus is able to do”, David Coulthard, Laureus ambassador und Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador.

The athletes are not only important role models for the children and young people, but also help to generate the necessary attention for the projects. On regular project visits, they set impulses to the development of young people and help to implement charity activities to raise funds for the social institutions.

Become part of the Laureus family!
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Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 14.4 l/100 km | CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 330 g/km | Emissionsangabe [1]

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