Debra Bennett and her passion for motorsport

Balance through Adrenaline

Friends and family were stunned when Debra Bennett got herself a sports car. The AMG fan needed the adrenaline to balance out her family life and career. Even a lack of experience on the racetrack was no obstacle for her.

AMG Uncovered | Chase your dreams feat. Debra Bennett

The stuff of daydreams.

You can dismiss the platitude ‘to dare something new’ as just that: a platitude – or you can take your life into your own hands and baffle friends and family by venturing into completely new territory. AMG fan Debra Bennett had the courage to do the latter. When Debra realised that, in addition to family and career, she craved a little more thrill, she made a bold decision. She bought a brand-new car, paid in cash and thus began a new phase in her life.

But what do you do when you have just fulfilled a lifelong dream with an AMG sports car, but you don't quite trust your own driving skills? It's simple: build a private driving simulator for your home before getting serious and driving the car around the racetrack. It's the stuff of daydreams and feel-good movies. The impressive results of Debra’s lifechanging decision can be seen in the third episode of AMG Uncovered. An inspiring story about self-confidence, adrenaline and daring to make a change.

Debra and the GT R

Debra Bennett takes us to the Circuit of the Americas, and tells us why she made the decision to go for the adrenaline kick in her pensioner’s life. Did Debra’s story spark your interest? Then learn more about the car of her dreams.

Debra Benett vor einem Mercedes-AMG
Debra Benett vor einem Mercedes-AMG

AMG Uncovered with Debra Bennett

Chase your dreams

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Debra Benett vor einem Mercedes-AMG

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