2021 AMG Calendar

Michael von Hassel’s hyperrealistic photo art

Once again, the Mercedes-AMG calendar is a feast for the eyes. The 2021 edition shines with new hyperreal compositions by photo artist Michael von Hassel. In his unmistakable style, he stages various AMG GT models in a way that's both pure and dynamic.

AMG GT Calendar 2021

The collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and Michael von Hassel showcases AMG vehicles in a captivating new way. There are 12 artworks created from different AMG GT models in von Hassel's characteristic style. In them, he enables viewers to observe a reality that allows for new worlds and perspectives to be observed within the same image. Month after month, the AMG GT Calendar 2021 reveals breathtaking, hyperreal compositions that elicit a variety of perspectives.

Art meets AMG

"A car is the most beautiful work of art," said the world-famous Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely. Michael von Hassel agrees wholeheartedly. He is impressed by the unique shape, silhouette, and dynamism of cars. For his work, he layers shots from multiple perspectives. The sharp edges enhance the vehicles' power while their effortless elegance is underscored by translucent layers. Von Hassel's vivid renderings feel like a painter's brushstrokes on a white canvas: grand gestures of strength, confidence, and virtuosity.

Searching for something extraordinary

Mercedes-AMG has been working with the Munich-based photo artist since 2018. The resulting works express the essence of AMG in an extraordinary way. They are characterized by von Hassel's unmistakable style, which he describes as "hyperrealism." His works convey what is paramount at AMG: a boundless passion for performance and top quality.

By crossing visual boundaries, von Hassel is able to show the world in a particularly intense way. Born in Munich in 1978, he studied business before following his passion and switching his focus to photographic art. In 2005, his pictures were exhibited for the first time. Four years later, he was named the "best contemporary artist" at Basel's Hot Art Fair. Today, his work is present at numerous international galleries.

Striking attention to detail

Hyperrealism is an art movement that is considered a further development of realism and a relative of pop art. Unlike realism, with its exact replicas of life, hyperrealism exaggerates reality by being overly detailed.

Such focus on detail is the crux of Michael von Hassel's pictures. The modern, manifold representation shows the viewer that which is more real than reality. This "more" is manifested by multiple exposures in combination with elaborate post-processing. In part, the artworks consist of up to 200 individual photographs. These are always taken in the same and specially devised manner and then digitally merged into a single work.


Michael von Hassel's extraordinary works are an ornament for every wall. Get a "more of reality" for your home or office: month after month, the high-quality AMG GT Calendar 2021 combines artistic and performance inspired aesthetics.