AMG Driving Experience: Steaks & Cars

Performance on the grill and on the road

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Ludwig „Lucki“ Maurer posing in front of a Mercedes-AMG vehicle
Ludwig „Lucki“ Maurer posing in front of a Mercedes-AMG vehicle

At the "Steaks & Cars” AMG Experience, participants savoured culinary delights and driving performance at the highest level. Our guest of honour? Ludwig "Lucki" Maurer – top chef, metal singer and cattle breeder.

Indulgence is a matter of mindset. This applies to driving as well as to eating, in which being sated is of utmost importance. But the real experience begins beyond this basic expectation. Where the journey becomes the destination – as in a Mercedes-AMG. Or where first-class food, perfectly prepared, turns dining into a culinary experience. When the two meet, the resulting pleasure produces an unforgettably emotional event.

Two cooks working in a modern kitchen at the Steaks and Cars event
Two cooks working in a modern kitchen at the Steaks and Cars event

This year marked the first edition of a very special "Steaks & Cars" AMG Experience, which invited nearly two dozen participants to the Bavarian Forest to discover the interplay of high-end driving and dining. The region is home of star guest and host Ludwig Maurer, who led a two-and-half-day culinary tour that concluded at STOI, his rustic 300-year-old converted farm. There, participants were treated to Wagyu beef from the smoker, grilled by Maurer himself.

Chasing indulgence with Lucki Maurer

From cattle breeding to heavy metal

Ludwig "Lucki" Maurer suits "Steaks & Cars" like a V8 suits the Mercedes-AMG GT. We had the opportunity to talk at length with the Bavarian native about his admirable attitude to life. Register now for the AMG Private Lounge to read the full story.
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A variety of Mercedes-AMG vehicles on a street in the bavarian forest

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