The Logicalgolf Training Method

Perfecting Your Swing With Robert Baker: Lesson 1 to 3

We are pleased to introduce you to one of the most successful golf trainers and AMG brand ambassador Robert Baker and his training methods that have garnered worldwide acclaim. In these exclusive training videos, he demonstrates how you can improve your golf skills with immediate results!

Robert Baker is a coach to the stars, with names like Barack Obama, Sylvester Stallone and Michael Jordan on his roster. On top of his list of VIP students, Robert is also the inventor of the Logicalgolf method. This method helps to minimize the complexity of the golf swing through various exercises and to maximize the fun factor during the learning process.

Video 1: Basics -- In the first video, Robert Baker explains the most important basics for the perfect swing.

Video 2: Precision -- Building on the first steps in video one, you will now learn how to hit the ball as straight as possible. 

Video 3:  Stroke range -- In the third video, Robert Baker will help you to use your power and practice the perfect swing.

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Perfect Your Swing With Robert Baker

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