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Experiences that connect: with the extraordinary “Strong Women” event, Mercedes-AMG demonstrated that women are equally capable of dashing round bends with great skill and joy in the high-powered cars, which offer up to 600 hp.

The program, specially arranged by ICON (Axel Springer) and Mercedes-AMG, invited strong, successful power women to share their own, personal expectations and experiences with the brand. Exciting discussions and inspirational interaction between the freethinking individuals, combined with a high-quality program, turned the event into an unforgettable experience.

The driving experience began at 7Pines Resort Ibiza. In addition to friendly hospitality, that cool, stylish location offered the perfect ambience for the luxurious Mercedes-AMG vehicles. The hotel in the west of the Balearic island was the ideal place to showcase this get-together of media giants and opinion leaders. 

Sea, sand, and the taste of salt in the air: a place for the female participants to find new impetus and inspiration!

If you didn’t know better, you might have thought this interesting mix of personalities was a family affair. The biggest surprise was definitely provided by Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG, who was special guest at the closing talk.

Alongside the instructors and the Mercedes-AMG fleet, however, the women were definitely in the majority – a very different image from that usually presented by the brand that clearly states: “We are born on the racetrack”! The fleet of 18 Mercedes-AMG vehicles was a real eye-catcher for everyone looking on, as well as for the drivers themselves. The female drivers pestered the instructors with technical questions about the engines and transmissions, but they also learned from one another: for example, actress Marisa Leonie Bach let her driving partner Julia Dorny, mixed martial arts world champion and European champion, show her the correct seat position and grip on the steering wheel. 

“That driving sensation and that power! Hallelujah, this car was made for me!”

Monica Meier-Ivancan, Model

Routes that you don’t travel on every day were part of the driving adventure. The instructors took the drivers to picturesque, deserted, and breathtaking spots – including drives on narrow mountain roads and along cliffs and rock faces. 

The participants were always on the move. When they weren’t attracting positive attention in the Mercedes-AMG vehicles on the island, they were keeping up the fast pace on the water or dancing barefoot in the sand to the sounds of Ibiza. 

Instructor Hannes Danzinger summarized the difference between a group of men and this format for strong women: “Women show more emotions. Men feel the same things, but prefer to keep the emotions to themselves. The sense of competition also dominates among men.” 

The women not only took snaps of each other to retain memories
of the special adventure – 63Magazine also captured the unforgettable experiences and emotional moments in images.
The Ibiza premiere was just a taster of numerous additional events as part of the AMG4Women series that will live long in the memories of all those who take part! 

“Leaving somone left and right in your wake at traffic lights – those are the small joys in life!”

Carina Braun, Senior Manager Market Management/Sales Planning & Operations Mercedes-AMG

7Pines Resort Ibiza: Special offer for AMG customers!

7Pines Ibiza is in a highly exclusive location high upon the cliffs of the Balearic island – a place where you can fully focus on yourself. At the spacious resort, which is surrounded by a pine grove, you can enjoy your independence without any disturbance and find inspiration for new experiences.

A limitless view of the azure Mediterranean, 186 suites, two restaurants, four bars, and a 16,145-square-foot (1,500-square-meter) wellness spa, plus numerous pools: 7Pines is equivalent to an Ibizan village and has first-class facilities.

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Photography | Esther Haase & Christopher Busch & Stephen Reuß

Special Thanks to: Etro, Santoni, IWC, UND GRETEL Naturkosmetik GmbH, Vicente Gandía Plá, 7Pines Resort Ibiza

World champion in portrait

Lewis Hamilton

His fans carry him on a wave of support. No question: Lewis Hamilton is the rock star among the Formula 1 drivers!

Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz

The Utopian Purist

Self-confident, determined, talented. With his philosophy of "Sensual Clarity", the Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer has redefined Mercedes-Benz design - and he's still a long way from reaching his goal.