A whiskey made out of conviction.

Markus Meindl and Matthias Moser about their wild whiskey.

"To distill such a whiskey, one needs passion, experience, and one exact idea of what you want." That's what Markus Meindl told us when we asked him about his whiskey.

One day, after a hunt, Meindl suggested creating a whiskey reminiscent of their shared experience. It was supposed to taste of the wild, untouched nature of the Lungau mountains but also capture the mood of relaxing in front of the fireplace after hunting.

With both men being quality-conscious and highly driven, they didn’t let up until the barley malt distillate was perfect. The single malt passed through various barrels until one was found that gave the hunting whiskey that decisive individual note: the dessert wine barrel from a winery in Burgenland. The look of the bottles could not be inferior to their unique content. Thus, the label is fittingly made of high-quality, chamois-tanned deer leather.

The whiskey is available exclusively from Meindl.

Photography | Peter Straub

Matthias Moser Destillat
Matthias Moser Destillat

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