On Fire.

The art of barbecuing.

Pork jowl popcorn and lobster in butter are also on the menu - which is rounded out with English desserts including honey cake, pumpkin ice cream, and pistachio candy. 

And if you still want more...

Richard H. Turner also organizes the Meatopia Festival UK in London, an annual festival of high-quality meat, which is exclusively prepared over wood and wood charcoal by top chefs.

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Gridiron Dexter
Gridiron Dexter

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A Whisky of Conviction

"To distill a whisky like this, you need passion, experience and a clear idea of what you want". This is what Markus Meindl told us when we asked him about his whisky.

Tennis Icon Roger Federer

Gentleman on and off the Court

57 grams. That's how much a tennis ball weighs. The head size of a tennis racket is 626 square centimeters. Is that all Roger Federer needs to become a legend?