AMG expert Gustavo Estrada about aerodynamics and the GT Black Series

AMG Expert Talk - Aerodynamics

In the first AMG Expert Talk, Dr. Gustavo Estrada answers everything about aerodynamics in conversation with our host Maxi Sarwas, using the new Mercedes- AMG GT Black Series as an example.

With our new, exciting video format AMG Expert Talk, we present technical and innovative topics from Mercedes-AMG, which are explained to you by experts using digital content and physical exhibits. Our host Maxi Sarwas guides you through the format and asks the experts your questions.

You want some expert knowledge on aerodynamics?

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Exclusively for members of our Private Lounge: Dive into the world of PhD engineering Dr. Gustavo Estrada our technical Lead of aerodynamics, and learn more about the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in the AMG Expert Talk.

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Exclusive content for members

A legend in its own time

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series


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