Stylish luxury paired with Driving Performance

Santoni designs new sneaker collection for Mercedes-AMG

Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 8.7 - 8.3 l/100 km | CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 197 - 189 g/km | Emissionsangabe [1,2]

Timeless design, exquisite materials, highest quality – as epitomised in equal measure by the performance brand Mercedes-AMG and the Italian luxury shoe label Santoni. The new collection of high-top and low-top sneakers for women and men "Santoni for AMG” is now available.

To combine timeless style with exceptional craftsmanship in everyday life was the objective of the collaboration between the performance brand Mercedes-AMG and the luxury shoe label Santoni. The new "Santoni for AMG" sneaker collection is aimed at a modern, lifestyle-oriented target group, offering the perfect everyday footwear for fans of the brand, too. 

The brand aesthetic of Performance Luxury that has been defined for Mercedes-AMG intends to tease out the aesthetic aspects inherent in the powerful appeal of the Mercedes-AMG brand. The ambience that the brand aims to exude is initially characterised in terms of colour. A glowing, pulsating red, positioned to accentuate it against a dark backdrop, symbolises power, passion and performance. The use of contrasts, too, such as smooth – rough, soft – hard, shiny – matt, serves to emphasise the performance aspirations of AMG. The new "Santoni for AMG" collection also follows this principle. The mix of high-contrast and high-quality materials that are used at the same time introduces new accents and delivers a powerful interpretation of Performance Luxury.

"Mercedes-AMG as a brand not only stands for Driving Performance but also embodies a very specific lifestyle. With the new "Santoni for AMG" collection we have met this style with a mix of Performance Luxury and a sporty casualness", says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. 


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"Santoni for AMG" for women

"Santoni for AMG" for men

Impressions of the campaign shooting

Sneakers made with attention to detail

The new "Santoni for AMG" sneakers are designed for anyone seeking the perfect footwear for any occasion. Whether on a stroll through town, a spontaneous trip with friends or at a business dinner with partners and colleagues – these shoes convey both: class and high fashion sense. "We wanted to create shoes that would look good in any everyday situation, for a demanding clientele who wants to be sophisticated, yet contemporary”, says Giuseppe Santoni, CEO of the Santoni Maison.

With this current collection, the designers have demonstrated once again their tremendous attention to detail, taking inspiration from the Mercedes-AMG brand. All the sneakers are characterised by their high-quality materials: hand-dyed calfskin, smooth or perforated, meets elegant suede and breathable nylon mesh over shiny foil inserts. An ankle band in a black carbon fibre-look or shiny metallic-look finish references the dynamic designs of motorsport. Hand-stitched seams and a special technique for dyeing leather by hand ensure that every manufactured Santoni shoe represents the ultimate in quality. All colour variants are available in both high-top and low-top versions, with costs ranging from 450 to 500 Euro.


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Cooperation between Mercedes-AMG and Santoni

The partnership between Mercedes-AMG and Santoni was established back in 2005 with an initial joint collection of leisure shoes and FIA-approved racing shoes. As with AMG, the international success story of the exclusive Italian label Santoni began in 1975 as a small high-end footwear atelier. The brands represent two worlds that have much in common: handcrafted perfection, highest quality and attention to detail, which are the main elements in this new collection once again. In short, stylish luxury in refined materials together with pure Driving Performance.

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