Touching the sky. And hugging the road.

Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+


Having reached your peak, you seek those very special moments. With the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Cabriolet you can experience them every day. Its striking profile and the side line gently inclined towards the rear hint that the next trip will be a revelation. With AMG DYNAMIC SELECT and four drive programs as standard, you can determine the intensity of the experience – from comfortable through sporty or especially sporty to your own special style in the “Individual” drive program. The exclusive additional “RACE” drive program – available for both the Cabriolet and the Coupé – provides for an even more tangible racing experience in terms of response, engine speed and shift times in the Cabriolet. And it’ll send your pulse into orbit.

0-100 km/h

AMG 4.0-Liter-V8-Biturbo Engine

AMG Speedshift MCT 9-Speed Sports Transmission

250 km/h (electronically limited)

300 km/h (with the optional AMG Driver's Package)

Not only the lights add a special shine.



The Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Cabriolet is a brilliant spectacle to behold. This is due in part to the tail lamps featuring pioneering OLED light technology, which produces a brilliant illuminated area with stronger contrasts. Equally, the totally new rear end including diffuser panel and the AMG specific twin tailpipes of the selectable AMG Performance exhaust system also guarantee a grand appearance.


base car
base package
base brakes

designo mocha black metallic

10-Spoke design, titanium grey, 20"

High-performance composite braking system


High-performance composite braking system
High-performance ceramic composite braking system
High-performance composite braking system, red calipers
High-performance composite braking system
designo mocha black metallic
designo allanite grey magno
designo cashmere white magno
magnetite black metallic
obsidian black metallic
iridium silver metallic
designo diamond white bright
cavansite blue metallic
ruby black metallic
diamond silver metallic
emerald green metallic
selenite grey metallic
anthracite blue metallic
designo mocha black metallic
10-Spoke design, titanium grey, 20"
10-Spoke design, matte black, 20"
5-Twin-spoke design, titanium grey, 20"
10-Spoke design, titanium grey, 19"
Cross-spoke design, titanium grey, 20"
Cross-spoke design, matte black, 20"
20" 10-spoke forged wheels, painted in titanium grey, polished finish, with fully integrated wheel bolt cover
Sample options/combinations displayed. Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for a full list of available options.

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AMG Styling.

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Cabriolet boasts exciting look, which emphasizes its sporty performance. Completely new front apron design with AMG-specific radiator grille and jet wing. This three-dimensional air-ducting element is painted in the body color, spans the entire width of the front apron and displays the stylized "A", which is a hallmark of AMG vehicles. Large, black flics surround the outer cooling air intakes. Down below, the front splitter in silver chrome optimizes the flow of air to the cooling modules.

Eye-catching features in the side design include the large AMG forged wheels and hallmark AMG "V8 BITURBO" lettering on the front wings. The AMG side sill panels with their high-quality, three-dimensional inserts in silver chrome make the car appear to hug the road.

At the rear, the diffuser insert in high-gloss black also catches the eye straightaway. The lower trim element in silver chrome is reminiscent of the A-wing at the front and provides an effective contrast. The two chromed twin tailpipes of the AMG sports exhaust system with sports flaps are perfectly integrated into the diffuser insert. Stylized, vertical air outlets in the rear apron assume the role of a defined spoiler lip and optimize aerodynamics.


AMG Wheels.

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet comes standard-equipped with AMG 10-spoke light-alloy wheels in forging technology, in titanium gray with a polished finish. The impressive dimensions: 8.5 x 19 at the front and 9.5 x 19 at the rear, with 255/45 R 19 and 285/40 R 19 tires respectively.

Optional extras include 10-spoke forged wheels in titanium gray with a polished finish: 8.5 x 20 at the front and 9.5 x 20 at the rear, with 255/40 R 20 and 285/35 R 20 tires respectively. The forged wheels feature a high-quality, screwable and fully integrated wheel bolt cover made of forged aluminum. Its shape is reminiscent of a center lock as seen in motorsport. The AMG logo is integrated into one of the ten spokes. These forged wheels are also optionally available in matte black with a high-sheen rim flange. Alternatively, forged wheels of the same sizes in a 5 twin-spoke design are also available in titanium gray with a polished finish and a black wheel bolt cover.

AMG High-Performance Composite Brake System.

Large, internally ventilated and perforated brake disks provide for excellent deceleration. The use of composite technology increases fade resistance and reduces weight. The total weight reduction of around 3 kg lowers the unsprung masses on the wheel, thereby improving the response time of the spring/damper elements.The brake discs and cast iron friction ring are connected via link arms. This so-called floating mounting ensures that the friction ring is able to expand independently of the brake disc bowl. This reduces heat-induced stress and cracking under extreme conditions and extends the service life. At the same time, deformation of the friction ring at high temperatures is also reduced (axial distortion). This avoids the unpleasant vibrations that may occur during braking as a result of uneven wear of the brake disks.

AMG Sports Exhaust System.

From typical AMG to restrained, the sound of the AMG Performance exhaust system fully adapts to the currently selected drive program by means of three variably adjustable exhaust gas flaps. The driver can also change the sound characteristics at the press of a button. This optional equipment allows a maximum spread of the sound, from comfortable to highly emotive.

Three exhaust gas flaps allow for even greater differentiation of the sound characteristics. The sound characteristics are dependent on the currently selected drive program – from rich in drive programs C and S to emphatically sporty in mode S+. Control is by means of a variably adjustable exhaust gas flap – without loss of power. Control of the exhaust gas flaps is dependent on both engine speed and load, ensuring a 100% power delivery. If desired, the cold start noise can be reduced in drive programs C and S. A blip on the throttle (in S) and controlled misfire (in S+) emphasise the sporty characteristics of the particular drive programs.


A new and exceptional day and night design is created by the inclusion of fine Swarovski crystals in the headlamps of the LED Intelligent Light System. The crystals' fascinating play of light in the indicators and daytime running lamps provides striking visual highlights and emphasises the unique nature of the vehicle. The turn indicator with 30 Swarovski crystals emphasises the eye-catching lines of the headlamps. 17 crystals shine resplendent in the daytime running lamps immediately below. A Swarovski crystal on the front centre console adds a touch of sparkle to the interior.

The driver’s den.



Selected, perfectly finished materials. Futuristic controls. The interior of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Cabriolet is somewhere you’ll always be happy to return to. Technical highlight: the Widescreen Cockpit comprising instrument cluster and media display. The sporty AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather and 3-spoke design offers a particularly good grip and features shift paddles that allow manual gear changing and support a sporty driving style. The “AMG Track Pace” app can be used to record and analyze lap times and videos for an authentic racing feeling. Your personal racing engineer is always on board.

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AMG Styling.

Opening the door – or the top – reveals the beguilingly luxurious interior of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet: the instrument panel almost seamlessly transitions into the doors in a wrap-around design. High-quality materials and fine workmanship are combined with a sporty, exclusive design idiom. Fine nappa leather in AMG V8 design with piping and AMG badges on all four seat backrests, together with the embossed AMG emblem on the armrest of the front center console, create an exquisite atmosphere on board.

AMG Sports Seats.

The newly developed AMG sports seats with electrical adjustment, memory function and seat heating offer the driver and front passenger optimum lateral support, provided by more contouring and higher side bolsters at the front.

The seats are further valorized by the Seat Comfort package, which comes as standard feature in the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet. Thanks to their inflatable air chambers, the active multicontour seats with ENERGIZING massage function and driving dynamics control function ensure the best possible seating comfort and outstanding lateral support. The massage programs enhance well-being, also applying heat according to the principle of a relaxing hot-stone massage.

AMG Sports Steering Wheel.

The AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather is especially sporty with easy grip, providing genuine racing flair. Touch Control buttons allow intuitive control of most functions. Innovative: Integrated cruise control in the left-hand grip area.

AMG Instrument Cluster.

An exciting AMG design and useful information for sporty drivers are provided by the large 31.2 cm AMG cockpit display, which shows all information in high resolution and in colour. Features include an AMG Warm Up menu and an AMG Set Up menu. The speedometer has a 330 km/h scale. The speed is also shown in digital form, along with the current gear. The AMG Warm Up menu provides information on the temperature of the engine oil and transmission oil. Until the respective operating temperatures are reached (engine oil: 80 degrees, transmission oil: 50 degrees), the temperature symbols are illuminated in blue. The AMG Set Up menu provides the driver with feedback on the transmission, ESP® and suspension settings. This information is visualised by an image of the vehicle and the surrounding area. In transmission mode "C" (Comfort) a vehicle is shown on a straight road, while in "S" (Sport) it is depicted on a winding road and in "M" (Manual) on a race track.

Airscarf and Aircap.

This neck-level heating makes open-top driving a pleasure even at low temperatures. Through adjustable air outlets in the head restraints, pleasantly warm air is wrapped around the necks of the driver and front passenger like an invisible scarf. The cool air flows over fins and is heated by a PTC heating element (PTC: Positive Temperature Coefficient). A blower then ensures the required outflow speed. This adjusts itself automatically up to a road speed of 120 km/h. This ensures the best possible heat distribution, depending on the ambient temperature, roof status (roof open or closed) and, when the roof is open, the road speed. Above this speed the system operates at a constant setting.

Taking off. And staying perfectly on track.



Stunning potential is of no use unless applied effectively to the road. With this in mind, we have developed the new AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system. An electronically controlled clutch provides for variable connection of the permanently driven rear axle with the front axle. The optimum torque distribution is calculated continuously, providing the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Cabriolet with stepless variability from traction-oriented all-wheel drive to pure rear-wheel drive. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sports transmission and the AMG sports suspension based on AIRMATIC also provide for thrilling driving dynamics from the word go – thanks to the RACE START function.

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AMG 4.0-Liter-V8-Biturbo Engine.

Poised to deliver top performance: the AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ is closely related to the engine of the Mercedes-AMG GT super sports car. With 450 kW (612 hp) and 900 Nm, it sets benchmarks in terms of both output and torque. The engine uses the tried and tested biturbo charging system in which the two chargers are not located on the outside of the cylinder banks but between them, in the V formed by the cylinders – the “hot inner V”, as it’s known to the experts. This fundamental principle allows both a compact engine design and a more spontaneous response from the turbochargers. In addition, its cylinder shutoff system is among the features that make this one of the most efficient series-produced V8 engines in the world.

AMG Speedshift MCT 9-Speed Sports Transmission.

With seven speeds as well as RACE START and double-clutching functions, this transmission allows extremely dynamic acceleration and ultra-short shift times as well as a fuel-saving driving style. The systematic further development of hardware and software has made it possible to further optimise the reaction times. This means that the driver's shift commands can be carried out faster than ever before. Gear shift operations are executed with no interruption in tractive power. Ultra-fast, responsive multiple downshifts are another forte of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sports transmission. The driver can change via kickdown directly from 9th into 6th or from 5th into 2nd gear, for example. The RACE START function supports optimal acceleration from rest or from the starting line in motorsport events.

AMG Sports Suspension Based On AIRMATIC.

Outstanding agility and vehicle control is ensured by the AMG sports suspension based on AIRMATIC, with AMG-specific kinematics, elastokinematics and programming of the variable damper control. The driver has a choice of two setups: with a high level of long-distance comfort or sporty and taut. A progressive piston geometry leads to much higher air spring rates. This reduces body roll and pitching at an early stage for improved vehicle control. The stiff kinematics combined with coordinated damping ensure the best possible handling characteristics right up to the physical limits, also at top speed. The greater camber rigidity and higher basic camber counter any tendency to understeer, supporting neutral and agile handling characteristics. To achieve handling characteristics that are virtually independent of the vehicle load, the AMG sports suspension based on AIRMATIC responds to added weight by increasing the pressure in the air spring. This increases both the spring rate and the spring force. At the same time the pneumatic all-round level control system ensures a constant vehicle level.

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ – more traction and driving enjoyment, whatever the weather.

The performance-oriented all-wheel drive with fully variable torque distribution combines optimum traction, hallmark AMG driving dynamics and the ultimate in driving enjoyment. It improves handling safety and road-holding on wet or wintry road surfaces Thanks to the fully variable torque distribution, the driver benefits from the advantages of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive in equal measure. An electronically controlled clutch provides for variable connection of the permanently driven rear axle with the front axle. The ideal torque distribution is continuously computed, according to the given driving situation and the driver's wishes. This enables a seamless transition from traction-oriented all-wheel drive to 100% rear-wheel drive. In addition to traction and transverse dynamics, the all-wheel drive also improves the longitudinal dynamics of the vehicle for even more dynamic acceleration.

AMG Driver’s Package.

The AMG Driving Academy driver training course provides participants with the necessary theoretical and practical grounding to ensure that they remain safe and assured at the wheel of a high-performance vehicle, even in extreme situations. This establishes the required driving skills for a top speed limit of 300 km/h. Experienced instructors, carefully selected routes and the inspiring company of like-minded enthusiasts are conducive to quick learning and make the training course an unforgettable experience.

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Fuel consumption combined: 9.6 - 9.4 l/100 km | CO2 emissions combined: 224 - 219 g/km | Emission Statement [1]


The Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Coupé.

Fuel consumption combined: 9.3 l/100 km | CO2 emissions combined: 211 g/km | Emission Statement [1]

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