Your personal race engineer


We strive for the perfect lap. You too? AMG TRACK PACE is your personal race engineer, developed by pros for pros. Now you can experience custom performance coaching in your Mercedes-AMG in a way that you can only otherwise find in professional motorsport.

Improved performance in your pocket

By combining this with the AMG TRACK PACE App, you can increase your performance on the racetrack in even more detail – even when you aren’t at the wheel.

Cover & Back of the 63Magazine Issue 03 2020 shows Bryan Adams.
Cover & Back of the 63Magazine Issue 03 2020 shows Bryan Adams.
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Before the race

You know the course in detail even before the first tire hits the asphalt. This is ensured by AMG TRACK PACE with more than 60 stored race circuits. And to be sure that you really get the best out of each circuit, you can integrate your own lap and handling circuits into the system.

Pre-recorded race tracks

  • Legendary race tracks such as the Nuremberg Ring, Laguna Seca and the Recardo Tormo Circuit are already stored in the infotainment system of your Mercedes-AMG. 
  • And you can easily send over 60 additional pre-recorded circuits to your car via your phone.  
Voraufgezeichnete Rennstrecken
Voraufgezeichnete Rennstrecken

Individual course recording

  • Create your own lap and handling circuits with user-defined start and end points.
  • You can pursue yet more best times by defining sectors for split times.  
Top performance in view

During the race

Optimize your performance on the racetrack. AMG TRACK PACE provides you with all the telemetry data you need, distraction-free and straight from the car.

Full digital infotainment system

  • Keep everything in view – especially the course. All important information is available to you in the head-up display, the infotainment display and on the instrument cluster. This means you can concentrate on the race itself while simultaneously optimizing your performance.
  •  You can use your ambient light to signal whether you have achieved your best time in the current round – and simply see it out of the corner of your eye. 

Course recording

  • Use over 80 telemetry parameters such as the damping ratios, transverse and longitudinal acceleration and chassis data to improve your performance.
  • Display the course, the telemetry data and delta times lives on your media display.
  • Use your head-up display to show the radius of the next curve, target lane or braking point.
  • You receive direct feedback on your performance, without distractions, via acoustic signals.

Drag Race

  • Measure your acceleration to within a tenth of a second (e.g. over a quarter mile).
  • Record your braking actions.
  • Optimize your reaction times using the manual start procedure with the start signal light.  

Telemetry screen

  • Up to 20 live telemetry parameters show your co-driver how well you are performing at the wheel.
Get better with precision

After the race

After the race is before the race. Analyze your performance like a professional race engineer and optimize your driving skills for the next challenge.

Photo memories

  • Take photos during your race day and share them with your friends on social media.
  • Enhance photos with three-dimensional augmented-reality objects to make your memories unique.


  • Replay any race on your smartphone at any time so that you can analyze your performance and make specific improvements to your driving skills.
  • Compare your race lines and all car-specific telemetry data recorded directly on the central display of your Mercedes-AMG. 
  • Analyze your driving skills using graphs showing all recorded telemetry data along the course.  

Media library

  • Show your recorded race parameters within your video.
  • Create a highlight video automatically that shows your most exciting race scenes.
  • Share your recordings on your personal YouTube channel or export them to the gallery of your smartphone.  

Digital retrofits

You want to get straight to the track but haven’t got AMG TRACK PACE yet? Then visit your Mercedes me Store now and give your Mercedes-AMG a digital retrofit.

Notes and conditions


AMG TRACK PACE is intended for use only on closed tracks away from the public road network.

The associated smartphone application is connected to the car’s WLAN hotspot in order to capture all the vehicle’s telemetry data.

The availability of functions is dependent on the market, the generation of the onboard infotainment system, the equipment level of the car, the operating system used, the software version installed in the onboard infotainment system and the smartphone model used.

Some of the functions listed are only available via an active connection to the car’s WLAN hotspot. We recommend that a power supply be provided for the iOS device when recording lap times and in particular for videos. It is further recommended that you use a WLAN connection for sharing videos on YouTube.


For COMAND: Equipment code 256, only in combination with equipment code 531.

For MBUX: Equipment code 256, only in combination with equipment codes 859, 365, and 549.

AMG TRACK PACE can be retrofitted. You can obtain further information from the Mercedes me Store.

On-demand equipment is available permanently in the car following a one-off activation.

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