We, Mercedes-AMG GmbH, Daimlerstrasse 1, 71563 Affalterbach, Germany, use cookies and similar software tools such as Web/DOM Storage or Local Shared Objects (so-called"flash cookies") (collectively "cookies"). Further information about the function, use and purpose of cookies can be found below. Supplementary information about the handling of personal data, also in cookies, can be found in our data protection notes (specifically in sections 3, 4 and 5).

Privacy Statement


1.   Function and Use of Cookies


a.   Cookies are small files stored on your desktop, laptop or mobile device by websites visited by you. They enable us to e.g. recognize whether there has been a previous connection between your device and our websites, take into account your preferred language or other settings, offer you certain functionalities (e.g. online shop, vehicle configurator) or recognize your interests on the basis of previous use. Cookies can also contain personal information.


b.   If you use our websites, you consent to the use of cookies – with the exception of cookies for Google marketing products.Cookies for Google marketing products (e.g. Google Search Ads, Google Display & Video 360) are only used with your express consent.


You can also visit our websites without consenting to the use of cookies by such use. In other words, you can reject the use of cookies and delete them at any time by making the appropriate settings to your device.


i.       Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically by default; you are usually able to alter this setting. You can delete stored cookies at any time. The manufacturer's instructions will tell you how this is done in the browser or device you use.


ii.      You can delete the content of Web/DOM Storage at any time. The manufacturer's instructions will tell you how this is done in the browser or device you use.


iii.     Information on deactivating and deleting local shared objects can be found at the following link:


Information on local shared objects


iv.     The same rules that apply to the use of cookies also apply to rejecting or deleting them. The procedure is tied to the device being used as well as the browser being used with that device. In other words, you will need to reject or delete the cookies separately for each of your devices and each browser if you use more than one.


c.   If you opt out of the use of cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our websites, or individual features may be available with limited functionality only.


d.   We categorize cookies as follows:


i.       Essential cookies (type 1)

These cookies are essential for websites and their features to work properly. Without these cookies, we would not be able to provide you with services such as the vehicle configuration.


ii.      Functional cookies (type 2)

These cookies enable us to improve the usability and performance of our websites. For example, we store your language settings in functional cookies.


iii.     Performance cookies (type 3)

These cookies collect information about how you use our websites. They help us to identify which parts of our websites are especially popular, enabling us to improve what we offer you (so-called. tracking). Further information about this can be found in section 5 of our data protection notes.


iv.     Third-party cookies (type 4)

These cookies are used by third parties – for example social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can integrate their contents by using the social plugins offered through our websites. They are also used by our targeting and retargeting partners, with the aid of whom we tailor our online marketing more specifically to your specific needs and interests. Further information about this can be found in sections 4 and 5 of our data protection notes.


Privacy Statement


We use the following cookies on our website:


_uinfo, _tkn
After login to the AMG Private Lounge, user profile data is saved in these cookies in encrypted form in order to keep the login status.
bblanguage, id amg_lang, langSelect
These cookies store the user specific language preferences for the website content.
AKSB, akacd_prod-oneweb-phased
In order to ensure problem-free use of the Mercedes-Benz internet pages for every user, we use several servers for load distribution purposes. This cookie stores the assignment of a user to one of these servers.
This cookie indicates that you agree with the usage of cookies on our webpages.
bb_password, bb_lastvisit, bb_lastactivity, bb_userid, bb_forum
This cookie stores non-sensitive user profile data in order to personalise the website when the user is not logged in.
bb_sessionhash, CAKEPHP
This cookie is set by an external server which provides map data. It stores the session ID, which bundles related requests to the server and assigns them to a session.
_lgin, lastUrl, s_*, s_cc, s_cpc, s_evar_34, s_evar_35, s_fid, s_getval_2, s_ria, s_sq, s_sq, s_sv_sid, s_vi, s_invisit, s_nr, s_vnum, amcv_, ADRUM, AWSELB, gapv,_c62, s_ppv/s_ppvi, aam_uuid, dtm_visualizer_fired
These cookies store information on how visitors use our website and help us to continuously further develop our website in line with their interests.
In order to make our customers aware of special information, we are using an information note on our website. This cookie stors the information if the certain information note has already been seen or not.
These cookies store information on whether it is permissible to analyze the visitor's user behaviour.