Soneva Fushi.

The unexpected surfspot.


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Minimalist luxury on a private island in the Maldives including secret surf spots, and all that in an environmentally friendly way? It really exists! At the luxury resort Soneva Fushi, the emphasis is on recycling, not status.

Surfing in the Maldives almost sounds like skiing in Dubai. Nevertheless, the world’s first sustainable surfing program “Soneva Surf” has been developed there, and surf culture in the Maldives is now attracting more and more fans. Including Azhoora Ahmed. The former Maldivian swimming champion set her mind to implementing the revolution for more environmental awareness in surfing at this very spot: the tropical private island of Kunfunadhoo in Baa Atoll.

The island not only possesses a coral reef that has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, but at 0.93 miles (1.5 kilometers) long and a quarter of a mile (400 meters) wide, is also one of the biggest of the Maldives. It is here that the luxury resort Soneva Fushi is located. 65 private villas are hidden in the dense greenery of the jungle there – each with its own private section of beach and a pool. 

The island also features the open-air “Cinema Paradiso,” a high-tech observatory for astronomers, the luxurious “Six Senses Spa,” an imaginative kids’ area called “The Den,” six restaurants, and various water activities – including sustainable surfing in secret locations. 

Luxury is certainly at home here. But that is not enough for resort founders Eva and Sonu Shivdasani. For them, it is about conscientious, careful celebration of prosperity. They offer their guests experiences that simultaneously excite them and bring them closer to nature. The minimalist luxury and sense of deceleration encourage relaxation.

People who vacation here have no need for status symbols.
That is why top VIPs and well-known business giants from all over the world treat themselves to a stay here. Going without their shoes and smartphone is the definition of true luxury. “No News, No Shoes” is the motto here. The luxury resort is also an ecological system with solar cells, its own composting methods, and recycling. Fallen trees and driftwood are reused to build new villas and water is treated on-site. 

The luxury resort is also an ecological system with solar cells, its own composting, and recycling.

Anyone who also wants to do their bit for the environment when surfing can leave their own equipment at home and step onto one of the Soneva boards, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

“Soneva Surf” can not only be found at Soneva Fushi in Baa Atoll, but also at Soneva Jani – the second luxury resort from Sonu Shivdasani in Noonu Atoll. Both spots are suitable for beginners and pro surfers. If you stay at Soneva Fushi, you can choose between 11 surfing spots in Baa Atoll. If you want, you can bring a private instructor – that guarantees fast progress riding what are probably the world’s most exclusive waves! 

Soneva Fushi Package: Exclusively for AMG customers.

Look forward to five nights for two people in a villa with one bedroom in Soneva Fushi.
Also included in the 63Magazine package: An eco-surf-experience, a diving experience, a signature massage, a Robinson Crusoe castaway picnic, a sunset dolphin safari. 



Soneva Fushi, Maledives

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Photography | Alison’s Adventures/Sarah Lee; Matt Porteus; Julia Neeson; DanSu92

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