Life is a race/gift.

One is not enough.

“Individuality is a luxury I don’t want to do without.”

Julia Meise, Model

Life is a race.

I love speed, power, and adrenaline. I don’t jog, I go for a run. In my career, I push myself to top performance – I always want to be leading the pack! When it comes to driving, I have a lead foot. Acceleration, top speed, drifting around tight bends – Mercedes-AMG has the perfect vehicles for me. And on the ocean, a Jet Ski I can use to speed over the waves is the only option as far as I’m concerned. In other words: from zero to passion in no time! 

"Authenticity is important to me because that is what makes a person."

Nina Meise, Model

Life is a gift.

Freedom, joie de vivre, and sensual enjoyment come first for me. Swimming among iridescent fish while diving in the ocean. Soaking up the view of sunbeams hitting the surface of the water. Hunting with a falcon. Cruising through the landscape in a car and enjoying the connection with nature – doing that in the car of my dreams from Mercedes-AMG is even more fun. Simply forgetting myself and enjoying life’s natural cycle – that is what makes me happy! 

One is not enough – best of both worlds!

The legendary, internationally active photographer Esther Haase presented her interpretation of “ONE IS NOT ENOUGH” in Ibiza together with the “Meise Twins” for a Mercedes-AMG editorial exclusive. 

Meise Twins - One is Not Enough


Photography | Esther Haase

Hair & Make-up | Michaela Kireta
Styling | Stephan Kallaus
Models | Nina & Julia Meise

Special Thanks to: Falconer Laura Wrede, Escada, Karl Lagerfeld, Salvatore Ferragamo, Messika, Liu Jo, On, Emu Australia, Picture On, Sif Jacobs Jewellery, Beatrice b.

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