Healing in Kaplankaya.

A special experience for the senses at Six Senses Resort in Turkey.


The Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey, offers holistic relaxation that makes joie de vivre and self-discovery possible for guests. Travel expert Celine Nowac reports.

My eyes only gradually adjust to the dark. I am welcomed to the small room by the Watsu therapist. She gently asks what is bothering me or causing me physical strain and if I have past traumas. The open discussion removes my initial doubt about this form of treatment. I enter a round pool with water at body temperature. The therapist lays out air cushions for me that allow me to float in the water. She starts to move my body and gently stretch it. A deep relaxation immediately sets in thanks to the weightlessness and special sounds underwater. What happens next is indescribable. Water transforms and transports energy, and the subconscious is often stronger than the conscious: we learn all that in school. But when you feel it at first hand and blockages and troublesome emotions are immediately resolved, it is simply overwhelming. The trip to this resort would have been worth it for this moment and the associated far-reaching healing alone.

Watsu is a radical experience. The manual therapy combines the positive characteristics of the warm water with the teachings of Zen Shiatsu. Watsu is just one of numerous experiences available as part of a varied spa offering at Six Senses Kaplankaya.

At the very start of my stay, I underwent a mental and physical checkup in order to put together an individual program with the help of the doctors. Dr. Ranjan Kapoor, Area Director for Spa and Wellness at Six Senses Kaplankaya, explained his philosophy to me: “The right mix of high-tech science, traditional healing, alternative therapies, and holistic spa treatments is one way to achieve positive changes. We concentrate on giving people the right tools to change their lifestyle and give themselves a lasting sense of physical, emotional, and mental well-being.”

The guests at Six Senses benefit from an holistic approach to wellness. “We accompany you on your personal journey to find healing, harmony, and balance. In the process, we pay attention to your exact needs and aims,” Dr. Kapoor promised me. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, a doctor then defined a health profile and set up a plan for me. The aim was to de-stress, detox, and experience joie de vivre! The days began with an hour of yoga followed by a healthy breakfast. In the afternoons, I enjoyed various treatments and personal coaching in Pilates and kinesis.


A place to relax! The mix of minimalist modernity with an Ottoman touch and local art makes for a welcoming impression. The entire resort is harmoniously embedded in a huge mountain face. I chose a pool villa with a view over the bay. I found the wellness cuisine with many vegetarian and vegan options to be particularly creative. The opportunity for sinful indulgence was offered by the family buffet at the resort and a first-class Italian restaurant on the neighboring beach.

Three days – and I was relaxed. Satisfied with the initial treatment successes, I enjoyed the slow-life experiences and the warm service. In the second half of the week, too, Dr. Kapoor and his team worked real miracles. They transformed a stressed-out workaholic into a calm, happy individual within a week. 

I would be happy to return.

Photography | Six Senses


Dr. Ranjan Kapoor

Dr. Ranjan Kapoor is an internationally certified Ayurvedic doctor and wellness consultant. He comes from the Indian Himalayas. Over the course of his career, he has gained extensive experience in aromatherapy, reflexology, lymph drainage, and other forms of holistic therapy. He also passes on this knowledge and vision of giving people the gifts of healing and joie de vivre to many other teams at the Six Senses resorts.


Individuality first! 

It is because of this woman that each journey reinvents itself, no moment equals the other, and the human being plays the leading role in every moment.

“Our customers are performers, completely individual people who want to be seen, understood, and inspired. Our task is to sense their exact needs and translate them into a journey never seen before. But above all, it is to create memories that last a lifetime.” The Designreisen portfolio only includes handpicked, personally tested hotel partners.“That is how we ensure quality and detailed knowledge,” Marion Aliabadi promises. Relaxation, slowing things down, and healing in beautiful surroundings are very often on the wish lists of our customers. With that in mind, the Kaplankaya near Bodrum, Turkey, is highly recommended by Marion Aliabadi.

For further information: designreisen.de

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