Fuel consumption combined: 10.6 - 9.9 l/100km
CO2 emission combined: 248 - 231 g/km* | Emission Statement [1]

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Performance for those that are

DRIVEN to succeed -- with style.



Going the distance

Grabbing life by the horns and taking charge drives you: the CLS 63 AMG shares this same philosophy. Up to 585hp, impressive fuel economy, race-track performance and functionality – these goals do not have to be contradictory. The CLS 63 AMG is crafted to tackle the open road, conquer mountain curves and own the streets of everyday life. There’s no stopping you!

Go the Extra Mile

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True style is not just an

expression - it's a way of life.

No detail goes unnoticed. The CLS 63 AMG was built to be a long lasting icon - from being the first of the 4-door coupé trend to the one most imitated today. And with refreshed, striking features inside and out, it's a perfect fit for those that appreciate the little things that combine to create success.


Timeless Design

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The search for the

next great leap is your motivation.

You are uniquely wired to push the limit and stand out among the rest. The new CLS 63 AMG strengthens the bond between man and machine by reaching new heights in technical advances to connect you to the road like never before. And that is just the beginning.

Realize True


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