0-100 km/h:



  • Technical know-how for uncompromising performance.



    Since 1996 ROTWILD has developed and built exclusive premium quality mountain-bikes, road racers and pedelecs in Hessen. The exceptional performance of these products has been proven in numerous competitions: World Championships and Olympic medals have been won riding ROTWILD bikes. “Winning technology from top level competition for series production” is part of the philosophy upon which a ROTWILD bike is designed.

    The ambition of building the perfect bike is achieved by years of know-how, the development of brand-own technologies and the uncompromising implementation of innovative ideas. Extensive research and development is characteristic for the approach ROTWILD’s engineers take to tackle technical challenges. The highest standards in quality and the usage of premium materials ensure the exclusivity of every ROTWILD bike.

    The uncompromising focus on performance, unique design, German engineering and – above all – the desire to set new standards through technological development combine the two brands ROTWILD and AMG.