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AMG & Petronas: Liquid & Metal in Synergy.

  • In 2012 PETRONAS was announced as official partner to the MERCDES AMG PETRONAS FORMULA ONE TEAM, reflecting the strong obsession for performance that both companies share in common.


    It was therefore logical progression that the experience of PETRONAS in the field of top quality lubricants and supplier of our Formula One Team should be applied to the Mercedes-AMG production car business. Therefore we announce the important intensification of our strategic partnership.


    When it comes to the initial fill of our engines in the factories of AMG, we are collaborating with PETRONAS closely with the clear aim to create a mutually beneficial long-term partnership. Since the production start of the world’s most powerful 4-cylinder series production engine – the AMG M133 – in our production plant in Kölleda, Germany, the M133 is exclusively lubricated by PETRONAS Syntium 7000AV oil as it is exactly calibrated for the engines materials and geometries.


    To promote this strong collaboration from a marketing perspective, an integrated communication campaign called “NEW SPECIES” featuring the A 45 AMG as well as The PETRONAS SYNTIUM oil has been developed.


    Better see for yourself and enjoy the out of this world “New Species” campaign at our Youtube Channel: