AMG Engineering

Power Delivery

  • The most dynamic driving experience requires more than raw power.

    AMG designs some of the most powerful engines to be found, either on the road or on the track, but the AMG engineers don’t stop there.


    The value of horsepower is diminished if the transmission isn’t equal to the task of delivering it.


    Driving Performance requires a completely engineered drivetrain, to handle the power and deliver a truly memorable driving experience.


    AMG transmission technology is born and tested in the world of motorsport, where a fraction of a second delay can cost a victory.


    AMG transmissions are specifically designed for the unique requirements of AMG engines, ensuring extreme robustness, maximum efficiency and spontaneous gearshifts with no loss of tractive force.


    Finally, drivers can adjust the transmissions to suit their driving styles at any time, shifting effortlessly from the most efficient mode, to the sportiest mode.