AMG Engineering

Dynamiek onder controle

  • Not just power: dynamic performance the driver controls with absolute precision.

    AMG steering, braking, and suspension systems are engineered specifically to compliment each vehicle’s engine and driving characteristics perfectly, giving drivers the ultimate feel for the road.


    AMG brakes achieve perfect deceleration, even during sportier driving, with motorsport-tested composite technology.


    The refinements continue with tighter, sportier suspensions that adjust the dampening characteristics based on driving and reduces the roll angle of the body for unprecedented control.


    Plus, with the touch of a button, the driver can adjust the suspension for maximum comfort or best possible agility.


    AMG sports steering adds to the final product, providing more aggressive steering ratios so drivers can make the most of their AMG drivetrains.


    After all, Driving Performance isn’t just about power. It’s about control.